“I am writing this letter to thank you for producing one of the most unique and versatile training props that we have ever seen . After finishing up a multi-company ventilation drill using the props, we have had nothing but accolades from all our personnel on the quality and safety of the FireVent prop. We have had over 270 firefighters using the prop to practice rooftop ventilation, cut garage doors, and open forcible entry doors without a single breakdown or any evidence of wear for that matter. That says a lot about the quality and durability of this product. This prop has exceeded our expectations on the variety of evolutions we can perform. The quality of the product is second to none.

It is not often that I write letters of recommendation but, I would highly recommend, without reservation, your product to any agency desiring a safe and effective way to train on ventilation and forcible entry.”

– Matthew W. Knott
Division Chief of Training, Rockford Fire Department

“Everything is going well. We are currently about 3 weeks away from the end of the first round of utilization of the FireVent. We began the evolutions in September, and have been running them 4 days per week since then. In the delivery of theses evolutions we have touched over 1000 members, logging over 5200 hours on the FireVent. It has been transported to 5 different locations for these evolutions making it more efficient about operational concerns, by keeping it closer to the delivery audience and reducing out of service time due to travel distances.

The response from the members using the prop has been overwhelmingly positive. They are all pleased that the prop is mobile and delivers a means to train on ventilation of pitched slopes that would otherwise only be available through stationary props.

All in all, we are very pleased with the product and look forward to our continued delivery of training.”

– Brian D Phillips
District of Columbia Fire & EMS, Lieutenant in Service Training

“It’s really quite a pleasure to write a testimonial for your product. As a long-time builder and destroyer of ventilation and forcible entry props, I can truly acknowledge that you got it right with your Mobile Firefighter Training Prop.

I can’t even begin to estimate the number of props we’ve built and cut apart during the 30 years we’ve been manufacturing Fire Rescue Saws. Even today at our training facility in Oregon, we still have ten standing props that we continue to build and rebuild. But, that is all starting to change now that we have one of your FireVent props.

Even more importantly for us, is the ability to take realistic materials and cutting scenarios on the road to demonstrate our products to firefighters. Our saws sell by demonstration, and the FireVent unit is without question the safest and most versatile way for us to provide realistic demonstrations and training.

Every now and then we get access to an acquired structure, a training facility, or have a good prop built, but a large percentage of the demos our sales force have done over the years has been on unrealistic “stuff”… mostly pallets. Now we can not only bring excellent demonstrations right to our customers, but we can even bring safe, realistic training to them as well.

I guess I have a different perspective on the FireVent unit than your typical customer, however, it allows us all to achieve the same goal, training…muscle building, realistic training!

It’s very apparent that an amazing amount of creative thought, high-quality material and labor goes into the manufacturing of your product. Thank you!”

– Sincerely, Thomas J. Ruzich
President, Cutters Edge Division, Edge Industries, Inc.

“The FireVent Mobile Firefighter Training Prop has been a tremendous asset in providing training to the members of the West Sacramento Fire Department. The quality construction and innovative design offer the ability to train firefighters on a variety of disciplines in an efficient yet effective manner.

The FireVent Mobile Training Prop provides a platform for a variety of realistic training evolutions that might, otherwise, be logistically difficult to create: ladder evolutions, victim removals from a window, through-the-floor firefighter rescues-and, of course, ventilation and forcible entry training. The FireVent Mobile Training Prop provides possibilities that are limited only by the creativity of the training cadre.

Additionally, the mobility of the unit has afforded opportunities to expand training to reach Fire Departments from throughout the region. The ability to connect with neighboring agencies and conduct collaborative training ensures continued excellence and common standards in delivering service as automatic aid partners.”

– Joshua Calista
Captain, West Sacramento Fire Department

“We were able to provide ventilation and forcible entry training to nine separate engine companies and forty firefighters, without ever taking them out of service or removing them from their response areas… The mobility of your prop allowed us to bring the training to the crews instead of taking crews to the training center. In this day and age, the ability to keep crews in service during training is paramount… The size of the ventilation prop allowed for all of the members from each company to gain valuable cutting time without resetting the prop… With so many different props, we were able to reset some while some crews continued to train on others. This allowed the training to be efficient without much down-time for the crews.”

– Alex Kukulus
Safety & Training Captain Sierra Fire Protection District

“Everyone that trained on the prop was thoroughly impressed with its design, construction, and simplicity of the setup. Like you said it was extremely easy… The chief officers were extremely happy not to pay overtime to send engine companies to the nearest training facility… I can see the importance of this portable training prop with the difficult economic times that the fire service is experiencing. I would even encourage agencies to come together for a joint purchase of this prop to maximize its potential.”

– Todd Moss
Captain Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District

“While our organization has a complete training facility with dedicated venues for this type of training, the mobility of your prop was a huge plus. We were able to run a significant number of our personnel through evolutions without having to take our units out of service or having the units leave their home district… I am particularly impressed with the construction of your prop. You have obviously spared no expense construction to ensure the safety of our users, as well as, to provide a realistic platform to practice ventilation. Ventilation training can be challenging in uncontrolled situations. Your prop provides realistic simulation of varying roof pitches– all at the flip of a switch… The quality of construction, the innovative design, and the combination of forcible entry and ventilation stations make the FireVent mobile Training Apparatus a must-have tool for today’s fire service.”

– R. Stacey Giomi
Fire Chief Carson City Fire Department

“The prop was extremely easy to set up and use for the ventilation evolutions, and the forcible entry station was extremely durable for multiple evolutions. The whole trailer showed a tremendous amount of planning went into making it easy to use and to last a long time.”

– John Brawley
Training/Safety Captain East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts

“We have had the pleasure and privilege of using the mobile firefighter training prop developed by FireVent LLC. It was amazing. The Cadets in our class were able to practice ventilation, forcible entry and rapid intervention with just on prop. We have also determined that it would be a great addition to a firefighter confidence course that we use on the training ground.

I can’t say enough about this training prop. it’s compact, mobile, and extremely versatile.”

– Leona Allen
Coordinator Lake Tahoe Basin Fire Academy

“Innovative and thoughtful design allows training possibilities not previously imagined. FireVent eliminates the need for a fixed building to teach many fundamental firefighter skills. I continue to be surprised by the unprecedented number of possible scenarios and evolutions.”

– Eric Bero
Battalion Chief