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FireVent, LLC. is the leading manufacturer of mobile and stationary ventilation training props for the fire service. FireVent units are much more than just ventilation props; they are truly multi-discipline training units. There are three base model mobile units that can be customized and configured with numerous options to meet your department’s needs. Each unit is custom-built from the ground up here at our facility in the USA, where we are a sole source provider and a sole source manufacturer. Each unit is extremely heavy-duty, built for the rigorous demands of the fire service. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is unwavering!

FireVent, LLC. was established in 2009 with the desire to address an increasing demand within the Fire Service, which is to be able to provide quality hands-on training to firefighters at their respective stations. There is a significant impact involved when firefighters leave their response areas to go and train, which can hinder our ability to get out and train regularly. Mobile FireVent units are an excellent way to obtain quality hands-on training while crews remain in-service, at their station, in their response district.


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FireVent is the Premier Manufacturer of Ventilation Training Props

Our stationary units are an excellent addition to a planned or established training center. Each stationary unit is extremely heavy duty and custom-built at the time of order with the same high quality materials and craftsmanship as the mobile units. The stationary units are designed and engineered in a modular fashion to enable ease of shipping and erecting on site. Stationary units can be placed and secured at ground level or at above ground level on a structure.

Whether it is our mobile or stationary units our desire is to build the best and be the best. We are committed to quality, performance and value!

  • "I am writing this letter to thank you for producing one of the most unique and versatile training props that we have ever seen. After finishing up a multi-company ventilation drill using the props, we have had nothing but accolades from all our personnel on the quality and safety of the FireVent prop. We have had over 270 firefighters using the prop to practice rooftop ventilation, cut garage doors, and open forcible entry doors without a single breakdown or any evidence of wear for that matter. That says a lot about the quality and durability of this product. This prop has exceeded our expectations on the variety of evolutions we can perform. The quality of the product is second to none.
    It is not often that I write letters of recommendation but, I would highly recommend, without reservation, your product to any agency desiring a safe and effective way to train on ventilation and forcible entry."
    - Matthew W. Knott
    Division Chief of Training, Rockford Fire Department
  • "We were able to provide ventilation and forcible entry training to nine separate engine companies and forty firefighters, without ever taking them out of service or removing them from their response areas... The mobility of your prop allowed us to bring the training to the crews instead of taking crews to the training center. In this day and age, the ability to keep crews in service during training is paramount... The size of the ventilation prop allowed for all of the members from each company to gain valuable cutting time without resetting the prop... With so many different props, we were able to reset some while some crews continued to train on others. This allowed the training to be efficient without much down time for the crews."
    - Alex Kukulus
    Safety & Training Captain Sierra Fire Protection District
  • "While our organization has a complete training facility with dedicated venues for this type of training, the mobility of your prop was a huge plus. We were able to run a significant number of our personnel through evolutions without having to take our units out of service or having the units leave their home district... I am particularly impressed with the construction of your prop. You have obviously spared no expense construction to ensure the safety of our users, as well as, to provide a realistic platform to practice ventilation. Ventilation training can be challenging in uncontrolled situations. Your prop provides realistic simulation of varying roof pitches– all at the flip of a switch... The quality of construction, the innovative design, and the combination of forcible entry and ventilation stations make the FireVent mobile Training Apparatus a must-have tool for today's fire service."
    - R. Stacey Giomi
    Fire Chief Carson City Fire Department
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