Forcible entry door module (with re-bar cutting station)

  • Inward and outward swinging pry doors for conventional forcible entry techniques.
  • High repetition doors that use inexpensive wood as a consumable piece.
  • “Through-the-lock” door for shearing off deadbolts and doorknobs and manipulating lock mechanism to open door.
  • Carriage bolt cutting station to simulate cutting carriage bolt heads on doors with drop bar.
  • Hinge cutting and rebar cutting for additional rotary saw work.
  • Able to configure rebar cutting station for window security bars.
  • Move hinge cutting and rebar stations to multiple points on the unit or have multiple rebar cutting stations at the front and back of unit.
  • The Forcible Entry Door Module is designed for mobile units only and can be added to a unit at a later date if desired.