Attic / Ceiling System

  • The attic and ceiling are very important structural elements for vertical ventilation operations and often overlooked during training.
  • The Attic / Ceiling System adjusts with the roof pitch, so that you have a flat ceiling below the roof.
  • Firefighters can use tools to reach down through the attic space and breach or simulate breaching the ceiling.
  • You can place sheetrock on the ceiling joists or OSB sheeting. When using OSB, firefighters can simulate breaking sheetrock by striking the OSB sheeting.
  • The Safety chains provide perimeter fall protection. The Attic / Ceiling System offers fall protection if someone were to accidentally step through a cut vent hole.
  • You can use OSB to keep the debris from falling onto the unit below and make clean up easier when training is completed.
  • The ceiling also provides a platform to stand on when stripping and re-sheeting roof, when you use OSB.
  • The Attic / Ceiling option can be added to a mobile unit at a later date, if desired, and is standard on a stationary unit.