Auto Extrication Simulator

The FireVent Auto-X Simulator was designed to help teach students and firefighters the basics of extrication tool use. It is mainly intended as an entry-level experience, which allows the user to perform hands-on tasks with various tools. Because of its design, all users can perform numerous, high repetition, evolutions  (lots of tool-time) in a controlled environment with predictable results. As firefighters with decades of experience, we will be the first to acknowledge that this is not an actual car and that there are countless variables that cannot be simulated while training with the Auto-X Simulator. The intent is to allow students and firefighters the opportunity to gain confidence and a proper understanding of tool operation and safety prior to training on acquired vehicles. The Auto-X Simulator may also find purpose in those instances when an acquired vehicle is not available, for whatever the reason may be, and individuals are looking to do some basic training with the extrication tools. The Auto-X Simulator is not intended to replace training on actual acquired vehicles. With this in mind, we trust that the Auto-X Simulator will be utilized as one tool, from a box of many options, to help further the knowledge and training of today’s emergency responders

  • Approved by the State of California for certification testing.
  • CE Mark Compliant.
  • Excellent for Fire Academies and Fire Departments with cadets who are learning about and using extrication tools and equipment for the first time, making time spent with actual acquired vehicles far more productive. Also excellent for continued skills practice throughout the year, when an acquired vehicle may not be available.
  • Compact and portable. Roll and store out of the way on casters. Also able to be easily towed behind a vehicle.
  • “EV”, Electric Vehicle Component, Cut 1/2 diameter “High Voltage” simulated cable along frame.
  • Able to use hydraulic spreaders, cutters and ram along with sawzall and stabilization strut for vehicle stabilization.
  • Force the driver door by using haligan and flat headed axe to “gap” and make purchase point then use spreaders to “pop” the door by forcing / crushing the consumable piece over the “nader” pin.
  • Use hydraulic cutters or sawzall to cut simulated hinges to unbind the door and swing completely out of the way.
  • Use a rescue mannequin or actual person as a patient, pinned by the dash, and perform patient care during extrication simulation.
  • Perform a conventional “dash roll up” with the hydraulic ram or a modified “dash roll up” the spreaders to extricate pinned victim.
  • Use hydraulic cutters or sawzall to cut “A ” and “B” posts and front strut tower cut.
  • Use Rescue Strut for vehicle stabilization.
  • Uses same consumable piece throughout prop, and reuses or “re-purposes” the consumable pieces multiple times.
  • Designed for high repetition with easily replaced consumable parts.
  • Patented design.